Quick Film Budget

Whether you’re a professional screenwriter, director or producer or a first timer looking to break in, the process of creating a film budget could take a month. Quick Film Budget will generate your budget in a matter of seconds. You will quickly be on your way to creating the right presentation to show investors, producers or studios.

Before you score your big spec sale or close any pay-or-play deal, there is no need to start spending big money on a film project. Film budgets can cost as much as thousands of dollars to create but Quick Film Budget instantly delivers a professional budget for the low cost of $199.

How Does Quick Film Budget Work?

Quick Film Budget allows the user to customize the budget specifically to his or her own screenplay or movie project details.

Using information such as genre, location and final desired budget number, Quick Film Budget creates a full film budget that displays each category including guild rates, union rates, fringes and contingency costs.

For instance, you want to produce a horror film for one million dollars shooting in New York City but aren’t sure what to pay the cinematographer? Just select the genre of horror, click “New York, NY”, and type in the desired budget of $1,000,000. Let Quick Film Budget create the budget for you!

Other options Quick Film Budget considers for your particular film budget includes picture vehicles, animals, and child actors.

Each completed film budget will include a personalized topsheet and a fully detailed production budget. The detailed production budget includes development costs, talent costs, prep period budget, shooting period production budget, post-production budget, financing costs, contingency costs and total above-the-line and below-the-line breakdowns.

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