We couldn't be more happy to see our Official Selections getting distribution.


(If you are a past Official Selection and you have received distribution such as Netflix, Hulu etc..

Please let us know and we will add your film to the list) 

THE STORY OF LUKE - Alonso Mayo 

THE IRAN JOB - Till Schauder

THE HIDDEN HAND- Directed by James Carman

CONGRATULATIONS - Directed by Eric M. Levy and Juan Cardarelli

Blood Brother – Directed by Steve Hoover

Antarctica – Directed by Anthony Powell
The Act of Killing – Directed By Joshua Oppenheimer
Brave Miss World – Directed by Cecilia Peck (NETFLIX)
FrankNation – Directed by Phelim McAleer
Linsanity – Directed by Evan Jackson Leong
Plastic Paradise – Directed by Angela Sun
Running from Crazy – Directed by Barbara Kopple 

Feeding Mr. Baldwin – Directed By Will Prescott
The Curse of Edgar – Directed by Marc Dugain
Autumn Blood- Directed by Markus Blunder

Listening – Director: Khalil Sullins
Amira & Sam – Director: Sean Mullin

Poverty, Inc. – Director: Michael Matheson Miller
120 Days – Director: Ted Roach
Orphans of the Genocide – Director: Bared Maronian
Above All Else – Director: John Fiege
The Case Against 8 – Directors: Ben Cotner, Ryan White (HBO)

INDIA’S DAUGHTER - Director: Leslee Udwin